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The Way Forward for India’s Agricultural Trade Policies

India is one of the most populous, influential, and transformational economies in the world today. The IMF tags India as a serious contender for the title of the world’s fastest growing major economy. And Indian agriculture is not far behind.Read More →

Background on India’s Agricultural Import Policy

In our last post, we discussed the reasons behind India’s rapidly declining agricultural trade surplus. While agricultural exports have fallen, imports have been rising at a worrisome rate. In this post we will examine some of the issues with India’s current import policies.Read More →

Analytical Study of India’s Agricultural Exports Policy

A rapidly declining trade surplus, vast increase in imports, and falling exports have defined India’s agricultural trade for the past three years. Newly appointed Minister of Commerce, Suresh Prabhu, recently cited his ministry’s intentions to address this problem with a new policy framework that promotes agricultural exports.Read More →

Financial Schemes to Develop Rural India

Since winning the 2014 election, the NDA introduced several schemes to address various issues faced by farmers and the rural poor such as financial inclusion, micro-finance, crop insurance, rural electrification, area under irrigation, soil health, and rural employment. Read More →

SMARTer Farming

Last month we explored the inefficiencies caused by information asymmetry and surveyed some solutions that aim to reduce the market and financial risks faced by farmers. Advancements in technology, offering on time and real-time information, can mitigate the risks of information asymmetry.Read More →

Smarter Farming – Digitising Rural India

The agricultural sector is one of India’s most vulnerable; it’s subject to market and financial risks like monsoon, low productivity, slow rate of growth, insufficient investment levels, and information asymmetry. In one way the sector closely resembles a perfectly competitive market in that it sells homogenous products in which the farmer accepts the price determined by the market.Read More →

India’s Unsound Pricing Policies

Our previous post discussed the need to exercise restraint when applying pricing policies in agricultural markets. India’s current pricing policies have encouraged monocropping, dramatically increased food wastage, and indirectly damaged the environment.Read More →

India’s Pricing Policies for Agriculture

Achieving growth and equity is the intention of deploying price policies in agricultural markets. During times of distress, price policies influence and control price fluctuation and supply shocks as produce moves from farm to retail.Read More →

Investing in Progress

In our previous two posts, we examined agricultural policies that successfully promote growth (e.g. the US forestry and China fishing industries) and those that hamper growth. Governments across the world either provide or have provided subsidies to the farm sector. Read More →

The State of Agricultural Investments in India

Are current solutions creating more problems?

In our previous post, we explored the financial and technical investments governments need to make to develop their agricultural industries.Read More →

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