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India’s Pricing Policies for Agriculture

Achieving growth and equity is the intention of deploying price policies in agricultural markets. During times of distress, price policies influence and control price fluctuation and supply shocks as produce moves from farm to retail.Read More →

Investing in Progress

In our previous two posts, we examined agricultural policies that successfully promote growth (e.g. the US forestry and China fishing industries) and those that hamper growth. Governments across the world either provide or have provided subsidies to the farm sector. Read More →

The State of Agricultural Investments in India

Are current solutions creating more problems?

In our previous post, we explored the financial and technical investments governments need to make to develop their agricultural industries.Read More →

The Return on Agricultural Investments

Agricultural investment is widely recognised as one of the most important and effective strategies for economic growth and poverty reduction in rural areas where the majority ofRead More →

Following Trends in Agricultural Commodities over 2015-2024

In our last post, we looked at the impact of consumption, production, and price trends on agricultural commodities, based on the OECD-FAO reportRead More →

2015 – 2024 Outlook Trends for Agri-Commodity Markets

This post is drawn from a summary of an OECD-FAO report titled: “Agricultural Outlook 2015-2024”

In the past decade, the agri-commodities Read More →

Promoting Farm Productivity through Mechanization

In our previous post, we discussed how upgrading India’s farms and the agricultural sector with the latest technology will improve overall efficiency and output.Read More →

State of Mechanization in India

India is the largest producer of tractors in the world. Timely government intervention in policy and technology development allowed for inflow of foreign technology through collaboration. Read More →

Indian livestock policy paradox and the way forward


Livestock sector plays a multi-faceted role in the socio-economic development of the national economy. Read More →

Bottlenecks in Indian Agro Processing Industry

The agro processing sector continues to be at a nascent stage, and its challenges need to be addressed on several fronts for the industry’s revival and crucial market benefits.
Read More →

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